Welcome to my blog

So here we go again.

I’m starting 2020 much like I started 2010 a decade ago — by creating a blog.

In 10 years, a lot of things have changed: my career, where I live, my hobbies. But my need to write is still there.

I tried blogging many times before (and was actually most successful from 2009-2011-ish), but it just never really stuck. I think part of the reason why was because as a journalist, I wrote for a living so when I got home, the last thing I wanted to do was sit at a computer and write again. Also, at that time the journalism industry was flailing. It was becoming more competitive for a person starting out to break into, especially living in Toronto which is second only to Ottawa in terms of the media world. Also, journalists weren’t supposed to express opinions, so blogging made me nervous.

Nowadays, things are different. I don’t work in the media anymore, or in a job where I write all day (or at least not creatively). I live in a small town, rather than in the big city of Toronto. I’ve also settled down a bit. I’m married now, with a young son.

When I decided to go back to blogging, it was at the encouragement of my husband. Every once and awhile when I get passionate about something and wish I could write about it, he’d look at me and just say “Why don’t you start blogging again?” So here we are.

The title of the blog is two-fold. Running with Scissors seems apt to me because I am a runner (even though I don’t like to call myself one) and, while I don’t willfully act reckless, I also thought the phrase spoke to my life right now, especially being a mom.

I don’t really know what this blog will be categorically speaking. It may seem like a mishmash of thoughts, ideas and things I throw out into the world. I hope you will join me on my journey, and help to make this space a really great little corner of the Internet. I promise I will try to update it regularly.

So, welcome to my space. I’m glad you’re here.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog

    1. Thanks! I’m excited to hear you will be kicking things up again in 2020. I really liked your blog and you’re very good at it! 😀


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