I have run 500 km (but I won’t run 500 more)

I was waiting to do my year in review on Strava until I hit 500 kilometres run in 2019, which I did Sunday night after a 5km run.

Sadly, Strava did not include my run today — or my Christmas Eve run — so according to this lovely year in review, I ran 9km less than I actually did.

But really, running is not about numbers.

This year, my fitness pivoted a bit. In 2018, I ran 800 kilometres and my first half marathon. I didn’t do much else, except for a bit of bike training ahead of my annual duathlon in July.

This year, I decided to try for a triathlon. I was not a swimmer, so I hit the pool in the fall of 2018 and continued until June of this year. I got a trainer for my bike and actually was riding more than I ever have. My numbers in those sports are pretty great: 544km cycled and 50,561m swum.

I haven’t lost any weight this year, nor any inches (at least where I would like to lose them anyways). Instead, I have maintained. When I was swimming, running and biking, I was developing some killer leg muscles.

Looking ahead to 2020, I want to build on what I’ve done. I haven’t been swimming since July, so would like to get back into the pool. That starts January 7.

My trainer is hooked up in our basement where it’s warm, so it’s time to put my Zwift subscription to use and cycle in London or New York, or wherever the course takes me. And if winter stays as mild as it is right now, there are no excuses to me running. After all, I got a snazzy light-up thing to run in the dark with.

As for my running plans in 2020, I’ll post my race plan soon. I thought doing less races last year would mean I’d run more because I’d be running for the joy of it (spoiler alert: I don’t run for the joy of running). With a blog title like Running with Scissors, it would be silly if I didn’t write about running a little bit, right?

Thanks to all of those who inspired me in 2020 to push myself outside of my comfort zone and reach for goals I didn’t know I could ever accomplish. Here’s to a lot more kilometres in 2020.

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