BOOK REVIEW: The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica

Thank you to NetGalley and Park Row for an advance copy of this book.

I thought this book sounded like it would be a fun thriller to take my mind off winter and it was — to a point.

I liked how the narratives bounce back and forth between different characters. If you pay attention during these times, you’ll likely figure out the first twist pretty easily. I realized it just past halfway, but didn’t realize the full extent of it.

Two more twists came, which just seemed tired. When the reader isn’t told everything and the author pulls the rug out from you in terms of what you know, that should be enough. There shouldn’t be more twists.

Once I learnt “the truth,” I then began questioning other aspects to the story that had been passed off to us as what Sadie knew to be true of other characters. Because of all the surprises and twists, I was left unsatisfied at the end because I don’t know what was really true or not.

If you’re looking for a quick read, I’d pick this one up. Just don’t expect too much depth I guess.

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